Friday, October 26, 2012

Tootsie Pop Ghosts

With both children in school, I have about 40-45 treat bags that I have to make and send into school each holiday. Halloween is my favorite holiday, by far, so I tend to go all out for it!

In this years Halloween treat bags, I'm making Tootsie Pop ghosts. I remember making these when I was younger. They are super easy to make and fairly cheap to make. Here is everything you need:

Tootsie pops (these are nut, gluten, and peanut free - however, they do contain soy and milk)

All you do is wrap a tissue around the Tootsie pop, tie some yarn around it, and draw a face. See! Super easy, right? I'd suggest popping in a movie while making them. I watched Practical Magic while making mine.

Well, I'm off to finish making the rest of these treat bags. Have a spooky night!

*Oh, and those links to Tootsie pops and Practical Magic... those are my affiliate links. Thanks for clicking!