Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Trip Ideas

We live in Western New York, so I figured I'd try to get some ideas together for field trips. One of the things that disappoints me about Pea's school is the rarity of field trips and I personally think field trips are a big part of learning. We'll start homeschooling in the Fall (seeing as this school year is done very shortly), but I want to be as prepared as can be before then.

I'll probably add to this list as we go, but at least I have some starting point as to where we can go for field trips.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Aquarium of Niagara

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Buffalo Fire Historical Society Museum

Buffalo Museum of Science

Buffalo Naval Park

Buffalo Philharmonic/Kleinhans Music Hall

Buffalo Zoo

Corning Museum of Glass

Explore & More Children's Museum

Ferguson Planetarium

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House

Great Pumpkin Farm

Griffis Sculpture Park

Lancaster Opera House

Niagara Falls (the waterfall)

Penn Dixie Site

Shea's Performing Arts

The Strong Museum of Play

Tifft Farms Nature Preserve

I figure that we could also go to the local police station, fire department, possibly a bank (seeing as our Federal Reserve Branch closed down), Post Office, and a restaurant.

New Adventures

So, this is my new blog... hopefully I stick with it... I don't have a very good track record with blogs, but this blog is about something near and dear to my heart - my kids.

I've been thinking of homeschooling for a while now, but hubby has been against it. Earlier today, he finally agreed with me that homeschooling might be the best for our family. We had a long conversation about it in the car, and he's mainly worried about socialization and wanting our children to be smarter than us. After explaining that our kids will be just fine, and that we can do a test run year if he'd like, he finally sided with me.

I wanted to start a blog for this new adventure in life and I'm going to share what works and what doesn't work with my family. This is a learning process for us, so this will be my "diary" for our homeschooling.