Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Clean in 7 Days: Living Room - Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of Spring Clean in 7 Days!

Today we will begin in the Living Room and Entryway of your house. Gather all of your supplies (cleaners, boxes, and garbage bag), open your windows and turn on some music. Start from top to bottom in a room and remember, if you have a lot to declutter, get that done before beginning to clean.

Decluttering that could be done before beginning to clean should include:
  • Sort through CD's or records, removing any that is no longer used or applicable to your family
  • Sort through books and magazines, removing any that is no longer used or applicable to your family
  • Sort through movies and games, removing any that is no longer used or applicable to your family
  • Empty coat closet, removing clothing that is too small and out of season (don't forget to wash the walls, shelves and floors in here while doing the rest of the room)
  • Sort through all desk drawers and paper clutter
Now, onto cleaning! Not all of these tasks will be applicable to your home, so just pick the ones that are and let's begin!
  • Dust/wash any ceiling fans and lighting fixtures
  • Dust away cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling
  • Wash walls and trim
  • Wash/dust any wall decor
  • Remove and wash valances and curtains
  • Wash windows and dust off window sills
  • Take out any window screens and wash them
  • Wash any doors and doorknobs
  • Wash off switch plates
  • Dust off (or wash depending on the condition) any shelves and furniture
  • Dust off (or wash) any decor that was on the furniture you just cleaned
  • Dust lamps and lampshades
  • Dust any electronics (including TV, stereo, game systems, computer, etc)
  • Vacuum couches and chairs
  • Spot clean or wash couches and chairs (if you have a microfiber couch, try this trick from Chris & Robin's Nest)
  • Remove and wash any throw blankets and pillows
  • Wash any heat registers and covers
  • Remove and clean any entry mats or area rugs
  • Vacuum carpets with some deodorizing powder (if you don't have any lying around, try this homemade recipe from Homemade Mamas)
  • Sweep/wash any floors (including your carpet)
Now that you're done with the cleaning in this room, put the items away that belong in other rooms, take the donation box out to your vehicle, and tie up the garbage bag and take it outside! Stand in the middle of the room and take a good look around... it should smell good and look good too! Feel proud of yourself for getting over this big feat, it's always the first step that is the hardest!

Did I miss anything or do you feel I should add something to this list? Leave me a comment and let me know. Tomorrow we will be moving onto the dining room! And don't forget about the link-up at the end of the 7 days!

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