Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Clean in 7 Days!

With Easter right around the corner (and my first time cooking Easter dinner!! **squeal**) , I feel today is the perfect day to start Spring Cleaning! Today is the first day of Spring after all! It may not seem it from this post, but I truly despise cleaning. If I ever come into a large sum of money, the first thing I plan on doing is getting a maid (just don't tell hubby!!!) However, I have a few amazing reasons to get my house in tip-top shape... like Easter dinner with the family and new furniture coming!

So, I'm giving myself 7 days to completely deep clean my house, including trying to declutter as much as I can! I'm going to start in the room that is most seen by our guests (the living room) and end in the rooms that are the least seen by guests (the bedrooms and the basement). I am extremely determined to get this done!

I'll start off today by giving you my tips and tricks to make Spring cleaning easier (even if it's only a little bit easier!) and start tomorrow off with Day 1's checklist on how to deep clean the living room.

1. Set aside a good amount of time depending on how much you have to do in your home. For me, this is a week, but it all depends on your circumstances.

2. Move from top to bottom in a room. This way you are not wiping dust off the top of the fridge onto the nice clean floor.

3. Work in one room at a time (and do not move to a different room until it's finished!)

4. Use 2 boxes and 1 black garbage bag. Mark the 2 boxes (donate and stuff for other rooms) and use the garbage bag for trash. Using a black bag will help keep the garbage from somehow making it's way out of the bag. Immediately after you are done with the room you are working on, take the box of stuff for other rooms to their 'homes'. Do not procrastinate because it just makes for more cleanup at a later time.

5. Declutter first, clean last! It's easier to get rid of stuff before cleaning, that way you don't have to continually move around the clutter in order to dust.

6. Only touch everything once. It saves time and energy to handle something once instead of repeatedly moving it from place to place.

7. Keep all your cleaning supplies together (and gather them before you begin). It takes more motivation, time and energy to continually go into the kitchen to get cleaners that you need for the upstairs bathroom.

8. Open the windows to air the house out while you clean. After a few months of having the windows closed due to cold weather, the house will have some sort of 'stank' to it...

9. Play that funky music! I've learned that blasting some fun music helps the time go by quicker. Go turn Pandora on to your favorite station and have some fun!

Keep checking back over the next 7 days for more checklists to Spring cleaning each room of your house! At the end of the 7 days, I will post a link-up for you to post your progress as well (and you can always post progress in the comments)!

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